Integral epigenetic balance


Nutrient dependencies

Epigenetic changes can lead to extremely increased needs for certain nutrients. These extremely increased nutrient needs can also be inherited and are further potentiated from generation to generation.

Nutrient needs and substitutions can be classified into three categories:

1. In terms of physiological nutritional supplementation. In this case, the patient is given physiological doses of substitutes to supplement what he or she cannot take in through the diet due to inadequate nutrition or a short-term increased need for nutrients.
2. In the sense of pharmacological doses. Here, one aims to act on a pathophysiological metabolic condition. Vitamins, minerals, and trace elements are used in high doses.
3. In the sense of nutrient dependencies. Here, deficiencies will not be met under normal to high dosages, sometimes resulting in severe symptoms.

The concept of nutrient dependence has been extensively researched by Dr. William Walsh over the last 40 years in the context of mental disorders. If you would like to learn more about this, please read my blog article about his method here.

But such nutrient dependencies can also have physical effects. For example, relative deficiencies of vitamin B1 can lead to symptoms that can be attributed to Beri-Beri disease. Beri-Beri is a deficiency disease that is considered rare in the Western world and is thought to be cured with physiological doses of vitamin B1.

However, everyday practice shows a different picture. It has been found that some symptoms associated with vitamin B1 deficiency have little or no response to physiological or pharmacological doses. The situation is similar for vitamin B6. In certain metabolic conditions, patients also require very high doses of vitamin B9 or B12.

Some enzymatic processes can be restarted that have previously been blocked by epigenetic fixation. These fixations are the result of deficiency-induced alternative metabolic pathways (epigenetic changes) that can only be undone by extremely high doses of specific nutrientsnts. This applies, for example, to molybdenum, which is a basic prerequisite for an intact sulfur balance.

Accordingly, we sometimes work with doses that we would have considered outrageous a few years ago. In other cases, however, we also work with much lower dosages, as in the case of vitamin D or iodine. High doses must be used with caution. Otherwise, one might cause the next epigenetically fixed problems.

Although experience shows that epigenetic disturbances can be reversed (which is not accepted widely in medicine), this does not mean that one can generally dispense with indicated maximum doses. Treatment must be carried out in parallel with high doses to override the fixation as well as measures to tackle the emotional states that helped establish the fixation of the Survival State. If necessary, the dosage can then be adjusted downwards after a while.

It is also important to note that nutrient deficiencies that uphold the Survival State can not be resolved in an arbitrary order, but must be worked on according to a certain scheme so that the body does not use newly created energy against itself. This mechanism of self-destruction is a result of the fixed State of Survival, which evolves out of unsatisfied needs, first through dissociation and loss of function and then through self-destruction.

In terms of nutritional dosages, one can even say that dosages formerly considered pharmacological are in many cases basically a physiological nutritional supplement. Due to depleted soils, the nutrient content of our food has been drastically reduced on the one hand. At the same time, our stress levels have increased due to environmental factors and our lifestyles, resulting in an increased need for nutrients.

I honestly do not know any person who is, remains, or becomes really healthy with physiologically dosed nutritional supplementation – if one understands health as more than the absence of (orthodoxly verifiable) disease. A bitter fact, which we have to owe to our short-term and profit-oriented agricultural policy. And from which many following generations will still suffer from. And then we have not even taken into account the increasing epigenetic fixation of deficiency states in future generations.

Those are the nutrients that I have found to be affected by nutrient dependencies:

  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E
  • Zinc
  • Molybdenum
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin C

Iatrogenic disease

I have found that iatrogenic diseases play a huge role in the upkeep of pathophysiological states and in arrested development. Those are wanted or unwanted effects of drugs and chemicals that persist long after the substance has been discontinued (more about this here).

In medicine, the phenomenon of iatrogenic disease is known but treated anecdotally – meaning that it is not supposed to happen regularly or systematically. Therefore, there is no cure in medicine for it.

Homeopaths have known about iatrogenic disease since its inception. They treat it as a serious healing obstacle and understand it as a natural phenomenon of “allopathic” medication, which is what we today consider medicine. In their opinion, allopathic medicine is not meant to eradicate the origins of disease mostly, but to do away with symptoms only. Homeopathic medicine (if practiced lege artis) has been designed partly around the need to undo iatrogenic disease. Since neither homeopathy nor the concept of iatrogenic disease are accepted by medicine or science, I can only talk about tradition and experience here. I can’t and will not make any health claims. So in my experience, homeopathic remedies energetically assist the body to self-heal and thus, to cope with iatrogenic disease. Therefore, homeopathic detoxing should never be confused with chelation therapy or other mechanical means of detoxification. Those can only be accomplished by biochemical or physical means, such as chelating agents or blood filtration, for example. Please keep this in mind, when reading the following statements.

Homeopathic remedies are implemented according to the following layers of iatrogenic disease (that help to keep the Survival State in place)


Layer Organ system Medical drugs
I Adrenal glands Cortisone, Prednisone, Prednisolone, Hydrocortisone, sympathomimetics (Beta-blocker)
II Sexual glands IVF, hormonal contraception, natural hormones, other drugs that work on sex hormone receptors (Tamoxifen, Finasteride, etc.)
III Thyroid Thyroid hormones, thyreostatics (Carbimazole, etc.), radioactive iodine therapy
IV Nervous System Neuroleptics, psychoactive drugs, tranquilizers
V Immune system Vaccines, virostatics, antihistaminics
VI Rest Other medication the patient has taken

Clearing unwanted morphic resonance

The idea that not only genes but also morphic fields play a role in nature and in health is widely dismissed in our current scientific medical paradigm. The idea of morphic fields in modern days goes back to Rupert Sheldrake, but it has been promoted by our ancestors as etheric or astral forces since the dawn of time. Personally, I see it as the energetic flip coin of epigenetics.

Since morphic fields are irrelevant in science and medicine, there is obviously no cure for ailments that pertain to morphic fields. Energy medicine, however, is traditionally meant to work on these fields. As are shamanic rituals. Healers of many ages before ours have implemented methods to “appease the ancestors” and to bring back “lost soul parts”. A closer look at these practices reveals that they were not so different from modern concepts of trauma therapy (see Lisa Schwarz’s “The Comprehensive Resource Model” for scientific research of the neurological changes that take place when similar to shamanic methods are used).

The trauma therapy model we use and our methods of energy medicine are devised to support a person’s energy body to help clear away unwanted morphic resonance.

Image source: Canva, own work

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