Integral Evolution – the Method

A novel and unique  therapeutic approach

Integral Evolution is a completely novel and unique therapeutic approach that goes way beyond naturopathic and holistic healing, developed by me, Katia Trost.

I have come to understand that health disorders and obstacles in personal and spiritual development are symptoms of a common underlying cause– the lack of physical, mental and emotional development as it has originally been designed by nature. Health symptoms and obstacles in personal and spiritual development are basically evolution gone wrong.

People whose personality development is detained, often live past their purpose because their body is simply not able to reach certain levels of energy and maturity that are needed to reach one’s full potential. Apart from keeping people away from their potential, this state of physical, personal and psychological immaturity is also an essential factor in most psychological conditions and health problems.

If you come from an integral evolutionary approach, spiritual or personal development and healing on a physical, emotional and mental level are the same thing, really.

Integral Evolution is primarily designed for people who know that they have a huge personal and spiritual potential, but who have not been able to fully embody and manifest it yet.

You may have tried many therapeutic approaches and consulted various experts, including holistic practitioners, naturopaths. spiritual coaches and shamans. But so far, things are not really moving along. Or you may go one step forward, two step backwards.

One way or the other: you have never found the missing pieces of the puzzle that let you connect the dots and find the common thread of what is really going on in your life.

Health problems as developmental obstacles

The development of my method is not only influenced by my many years of experience as a naturopath (turned integral practitioner), spiritual seeker and trauma therapist. The method was decisively influenced by the study of basic research in the fields of biochemistry, epigenetics, neurology, psychology, endocrinology, sociology, anthropology and biological evolutionary science.

In a nutshell, I came to regard all physical, emotional or mental problems as a developmental block and not as pathology.


Switching from survival mode to expansion mode

What you need to know from the start: the method I developed differs from conventional medicine, but also classic holistic and naturopathic medicine in quite a few ways.

My method strives to actually think biological, biochemical and psychological mechanisms through. Surprisinglymedicine and psychology have long recognized stress as the primary factor in illness, but the conventional medical and psychological paradigm does not really draw practical consequences from that knowledge (we are not talking exercise and rest here).

Stress triggers a state of survival that completely changes one’s metabolism in a completely foreseeable pattern. These changes can and need to be undone for any kind of self healing, but also proper evolution to take place. Unfortunately, most people spend most of their lives in a biochemical and often also psychological state of survival. Their symptoms and developmental obstacles are only an expression of this state and not what we randomly call illness.

Stress will always block the timely and correct unfoldment of biological and psychological development. On top of being in a state of survival, many people who are partly highly evolved (on a soul level, for example), will lag behind in some crucial developmental steps which prevent human potential to unfold and become physically manifest. A faulty development, on the other hand, makes the body-mind-emotion unit less functional, stress resistant and open to attacks of any kind. The spiral of stress and arrested development becomes a self-perpetuating loop.

But nature is quite savvy and provided us with ways to get out of survival mode and trigger missing developmental steps at any age.

Energy is key

In my work, I cross-reference science with philosophy, psychology and spirituality, since I strongly believe that the laws of nature (and all other laws for that matter) go back to the most basic concept of our universe: energyEverything in our lives evolves around the management and acquisition of energy. When I say energy, I am not primarily referring to etheric energy. Etheric energy depends on physical/organic energy, which is harvested by your cells in the mitochondria. Energy healing techniques influence the movement of energy in your body. But what if there is nothing to move to begin with? Being the master of one’s own energy on all levels equals not only personal (creative) power, but also health and optimal development.

Essentially, Integral Evolution is a system that helps you trigger missing developmental steps and to undo stress damage on a deep metabolic level, which will impact neurological, endocrine and immune function to name only the “big three”.

The increase of energy will always trigger self-healing, which is only partly a restorative process. True self-healing is also the beginning of expansion. Once a step is completed (healed), evolution will integrate what you have achieved and drive you to the next step in your growth. Should your body not be able to self-heal an any level (physical, emotional, mental), evolution will patiently wait for you to complete the evolutionary step you are at before it will let you proceed.

While you may be able to achieve some partial results on physical, emotional or mental problems, evolution will not take place until true integration has taken place. There are no exception to this rule. 

While all my findings start as a theoretical working hypothesis, an educated guess, they need to stand the test of practice and time. In the end, only practical and reproducible results count.

Evidence based medicine meets integral and evolutionary theory

Integral Evolution as a method incorporates all my finding into a unified concept of health and evolution. I have refined it over the last 10 years working with patients from many different countries.

Unfortunately, inter-connected thinking is rarely applied in conventional medicine, which is why there is hardly any concrete research that tries to unite several perspectives and levels of physical function in order to recognize a unifying principle in them.

Naturopathic and holistic practices, on the other hand, tell you that everything is connected, but fail to tell you how exactly.

Naturopaths often make the same mistake as conventional medicine by confusing relief measures with actual healing. Most naturopathic measures are, unfortunately, just as symptom based and mechanistic as conventional medicine. They only use “natural” remedies instead of chemistry.

I do apply the principles of “evidence based medicine”, but I combine them with integral and evolutionary theory assuming that energy is the key to mostly everything.

I do use methods that are also used in holistic and naturopathic therapies, but from a completely different perspective and with my own personal spin. And never arbitrarily. A good method may harm you more than anything if you do not know how it fits into human physiology or evolution. Timing is often key to integration.

Spiritual and personal evolution as a natural expression of a functional body-mind system

In my experience, individual potential will automatically begin to unfold from inside out through the implementation of my program.

I see personal and spiritual development as natural steps in later stages of human evolution. Since the program emphasizes the early steps of development, later stages will naturally follow.

This is why many individuals will be able to further develop their potential by themselves after this program. After all, maturity provides autonomy! Others will want to continue with mentoring programs targeted at spiritual or personal development or purpose finding.

Integral Evolution as a program itself, however, is not a mentoring program to promote your potential. It will build the foundation for you to either continue to unfold on your own or to create the necessary physical and emotional foundations and roots for other programs to work more effectively that are catered to personality development or spiritual evolution. The higher up you want to come in your personal evolution, the better your foundations will have to be!

Regulation of organ systems (control systems)

From the perspective of Integral Evolution, pathological phenomena (as in disease) are not seen as a flaw in the human system.

Rather, disturbances are understood as the language of the body wanting to draw attention to unregulated control systems. I refer to organ systems as control systems, because their functional unit will not only carry out organic functions, but play a specific role in regards to the overall operationality of your body-mind system.

Surprising to some, there is a hierarchical order in the body’s systems. However, true nature is never static, only functional. Every society needs its leaders in certain situations, otherwise chaos will ensue. In your body, it is hopefully you. Static hierarchies work through authoritative rule, while functional hierarchies work through merit, feed back loops and free will cooperation.

Attention to chain of command 

Control systems do not work in an arbitrary relationship to each other.

The body uses a chain of command system in the body. Otherwise, what we know as “normal” bodily function would not be possible. Through functional hierarchies, every control system knows its place and job in the body. It is this chain of command that allows us to react to all changes in our environment apropriately.

This is our physiological chain of command:

  1. the mitochondria as producers of energy
  2. the nervous system (organic and psychic) ​​as the boss of the organism
  3. And finally, the hormonal system as mediator between the above-mentioned instances.
  4. The immune system
  5. All other control systems

Developmental order 

Nature has determined an ideal path (read: consumes/wastes the least amount of energy while achieving a specific outcome) of physical, emotional and mental development. For example, people first raise their head before learning to crawl and then to walk. The pattern of this individual evolution is called ontogenesis.

Problems within the ontogenetic evolution can later be seen as gaps in the functionality of the body. You may compare this to a tower that is missing a few bricks in its foundation. The higher the tower gets, the less stable the whole construct will be. We can experience these gaps as problems with our physical and emotional health and, ultimately, a block to personal and spiritual development.

Finding and eradicating “drug diseases”

Medical drugs can not only produce side effects at the time they are being used.

In my experience, past medication and other substances that are foreign to the body can continue to affect health long after their use has been discontinued.

This is true even for substances taken only once or for a short time. The same applies to recreational and ritual drugs. Some of these effects are epigenetic in nature, others are due to permanent changes of receptors. Whatever the reason, past drug use can produce “energetic” treatment blocks. “Drug diseases” can and often do disturb treatments and also evolution. They create “man made” chaos, and in case of chemical drugs push the body into symptoms it would never have produced on its own. To me, this is real pathology, while physiopathology is an intelligent expression of the body’s shift into state of survival and energy preservation.

Respecting Natural Order

By understanding nature, the Integral Evolution approach helps the body to put control systems in order promoting self-healing and natural evolution.

Structure of the therapy

  1. Therapy of epigenetic disorders of the whole organism
  2. Therapy of drug disease
  3. Therapy of mitochondria
  4. Therapy of the nervous system (organic)
  5. Therapy of the nervous system (psychic)
  6. Therapy of the hormonal system, wherein the hormonal system is a reactive system and regulation basically needs to be derived from the health of other systems
  7. Immune System
  8. Remaining control systems and tissues

Is Integral Evolution for you?

Integral Evolution is not for everyone. It is meant for people who are not only willing to reach maturity on all levels, but who are able and willing to expend resources to achieve it (time, money, patience, discipline). In other words: to act and not just talk. 

For you to really become autonomous, we will have to treat you as a grown up, even if many parts of you may be in a child-like state and feel immature, overwhelmed, anxious, needy etc. It is you who will have to step up to these unevolved parts and take care of them, not we as therapists. We can only provide you with all the tools you need to grow. In other words: if we nurture you, you will never know how to nurture yourself. If we do the work for you, you cant grow. This is the ugly truth for every person past their biological 21styear of age.

So I will be blatantly honest with you about what to expect.

Integral Evolution is only suitable for people who are willing to take up full responsibility for all of their creations and manifestations, no matter what it is (family circumstances, incarnation, financial situation, health, relationships) and how difficult it might feel. No victim mentality will be tolerated. We all need to learn how to feel compassion for ourselves, yes, but feeling pain or regret about past choices should not make you stay in victim mode but to question why you got there in the first place and why you needed to have these experiences.

Integral Evolution goes deep. As soon as true self-healing sets in, you willbe confronted with your shadow. It will be asked of you to confront it. Anything else is a waste of resources (aka energy), yours and ours.

Integral Evolution is not therapist-centred methodology. We are facilitators. All changes need to be brought forth by you. We can only offer information and our experience. You will ultimately have to decide whether to implement changes or not and live with the consequences. It is not our relationship to you that heals (although we hope to be inspirational), but your work on yourself. We can’t help you become autonomous if you are not willing to act as an adult.

We expect you to deal with upcoming “mommy” and “daddy” projections. We are here to help you transcend them and not to give you free gratification of your emotional needs. Free gratification of needs is something that needs to be reserved for children only. Evolution and healing are not possible, if you are not prepared to learn how to meet your own emotional needs and depend on others to fulfill them.

The failure to recognize this fact at a deep level is at the heart of most arrested developments. We all need to claim our physical, personal, emotional and spiritual independence in order to truly be able to act as adults. This might be the hardest task you ever needed to complete. Self-empowerment is something exclusively reserved for grown-ups– it is what distinguishes a grown up from a child. We, as therapists, work hard at this ourselves daily in order to be able to give you the best of assistance for your journey.

Since Integral Evolution requires a change of paradigm within yourself, you will be provided with extensive information about your program. You need to be willing to study this information in order for your program to work as intended. We are aware that many people feel overwhelmed by the mass of information in the beginning. But there is no way around it, unfortunately,  and we can not hand hold you through every page we provide. We will expect you to ask us concrete questions that arise after you have studied our material and not have us explain the complete content of your material to you. 

Please make sure to familiarize yourself with all the content of this website, including the procedure, costs and scope of our therapy prior to starting our program.

People we do not work with

  • People who are on any sort of medication and do not want to change this situation (exception: missing organs). This includes any kind of artificial hormone, such as cortisone, the birth control pill, IVF treatments, modulators for hormonal receptors such as Tamoxifen, Finasteride, Clomifene etc. We are happy to help you find alternatives, of course.
  • You should only use any kind of medication in case of emergency (imminent danger to life or imminent danger of serious health problems). This includes vaccines, antibiotics and even the habitual use of pain-killers, nose sprays and the likes. We are happy to help you find alternatives, of course. Please discuss any surgery or acute illnesswith us (with the exception of emergencies, of course). Once you stop suppressing medication, you may have to go through some tough spots in the beginning. We’ll do our best to support you, but regulation isn’t always pretty, since what you see is part of your shadow. Many people in the past have been thrown back in their development because of one careless decision or the desire for a little “quick fix” in between. Remember: No one “has” to take anything, no matter how much doctors might frighten you. There are no shortcuts.
  • So called “natural” hormones are no part of this treatment concept. We do not accept people who would like to continue taking them, since they are being controlled from the outside and not letting their body control itself. Bodies are completely capable to produce any hormone by itself (exception: missing organs, complete organ failure). If you are taking any natural hormones, we will help you wean them off as soon as possible. Weaning off thyroid meds needs a little more preparation. But we expect you to let them go of within the first months of treatment. We don’t prescribe phytoestrogens. In fact, avoiding them is a big part of our program.
  • We don’t accept people who consume drugs, that includes soft drugs like Marihuana, hard drugs and also ritual drugs like mushrooms, Ayahuasca and the likes. You should be prepared to reduce your consumption of alcohol to one glass a week, preferably none. We advise you to cut out all coffee. We will allow one cup a day in the morning, if you must.
  • We do not treat vegans. We strongly advise against vegetarianism.
  • We do not treat people with silicone implants (but we are happy to help you with the after effects). We expect you to take out the copper coil if you want to work with us. It is possible for most women to avoid pregnancies in a safe way through natural sympto-thermal methods.
  • We will suggest nutritional supplements. It is important that you do not self medicate with additional supplements without running them by us first. Supplements are powerful tools to enhance or prevent energy production and need to fit your individual needs. While self experimenting can be fun, it is mostly not compatible with our program.
  • The same goes for changes in diet. We will ask you to do our adrenal reset diet for 8 weeks straight.

Find more in-detail  information about what we will ask of you here.

Start here for more info about the concepts behind Integral Evolution.

Go here for treatment costs and here for contacting us.

None of the information on this website are medical advice. This information is based on my personal experience and opinion and does not always correspond with the official scientific point of view. Therefore, no promises to attain health can be extracted from the contents of this page. Never postpone any medical or psychological treatment because of the contents of this page. Always look for medical or psychological advice if you suffer from any kind of health condition or psychological condition. 

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