Module I: Tackling self-destructive patterns


Module I focuses on the final stage of the fixed Survival State, which is self-destruction since the stages of the Survival State need to be worked on in the reverse order.

In this module, our tools will be nutritional therapy, the relief of epigenetic disorders through homeopathy by tackling iatrogenic disease, and nutritional supplements by tackling fixed epigenetic nutritional dependencies.

Furthermore, the adrenal glands are relieved by rehabilitating the energy system and focusing on drug-related diseases affecting the adrenal glands.

The sex hormones are “caught in the wind” from the adrenal glands and so are treated indirectly. They are also at the forefront of iatrogenic disease.


The following tools will be implemented in Module I:

1. Integral hormonal and metabolic balance

The Adrenal Balance Diet and Stage I, of nutritional supplementation, have the purpose to regulate the copper-zinc ratio, support the adrenals, stabilize blood sugar and boost MT production.

Please understand that you will have to take quite a few nutritional supplements for the duration of the treatment, possibly forever. We are talking 10 tablets/capsules per big meal daily here. Proper supplementation is a total deal-breaker – the program will fail should you not be prepared to take in all the nutrients you need in the dosages you need.

2. Integral epigenetic balance

In parallel, homeopathic remedies are selected for the patient to support the patient’s development.

The homeopathic method I have developed differs significantly from classic homeopathy as it is practiced by so-called “Kentians”. My method is closer to the method’s founder, Samuel Hahnemann, and his 6th version of the organon.

In my planning, I take into account drug-related diseases, human ontogenesis, and miasmatic and combine them according to a special system that I devised.

In Module I, the adrenal glands and the sexual glands will be given special focus concerning iatrogenic disease.

As a rule, this means that the patient should take homeopathic substances 2-4 times a day.

We will also instruct you on how to implement internal and external relief measures that help your body to eliminate its toxic burden.


At the beginning of Module I, there is no testing required yet, since we will start with some basic measures first. However, at the end of module I we will ask you to have the Walsh Test done, which will be your entrance exam for Module II.


18 weeks, with the first two weeks devoted to familiarising students with the methodology and obtaining the necessary materials. Follow-up appointments take place after 8 weeks.

It is recommended that the patient researches possibilities for local/remote neuromotor training (INPP) in Module I because this modality is crucial in Module II.

There is more about Module II on the next page.

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