Module II: Mitochodriopathy


Module II focuses on the treatment of mitochondriopathy. In addition, it also deals with drug diseases affecting the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland also benefits directly from the health of the adrenal glands. Those who can and would like to balance thyroid hormones will probably want to do so in Module II.


Changes in diet, dietary supplements

Mitochondriopathy and epigenetic nutrient deficiencies are treated by a change in diet and taking dietary supplements.

To this end, the treatment plan for dietary supplements is extended and supplemented by the results of hair mineral analysis.

In many cases, the Module I form of nutrition should be continued as before, but in some cases it can also be relaxed. The patient’s metabolism determines this.


Homeopathic treatment continues. The focus is now on the medical condition of the thyroid gland.


Hair mineral analysis – I work exclusively with dieser hair mineral analysis. I cannot use other kinds of analysis for my purposes.

Test reruns:

Optional blood test to check individual parameters of the Walsh test


16 weeks, although any delays of a few days at the begining of the treatment are not significant. It does not affect the treatment if the patient has not yet completed the program at the final session of Module II. Follow-up appointments take place after 8 weeks.

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