Module II: Tackling dysfunction and dissociation


Module II focuses on the second stage of the fixed Survival State, which is dysfunction and dissociation which will show up once the self-destructive stage has been worked on in Module I.

In this module, the nutritional therapy, the relief of epigenetic disorders through homeopathy by tackling iatrogenic disease, and nutritional supplements by tackling fixed epigenetic nutritional dependencies will be continued.

Furthermore, particular attention is paid to the nervous system through the implementation of neuromotor training and the detoxing of iatrogenic disease pertaining to the nervous system.

Also, developmental trauma therapy is begun so that the patient may develop personal autonomy and his witness capacity.


The following tools will be implemented in Module II:

1. Integral hormonal and metabolic balance

The Adrenal Balance Diet will be continued with Stage II of nutritional supplementation that has the purpose to boost cellular energy and to finally regulate MT production.

2. Integral epigenetic balance

In parallel, homeopathic remedies are selected for the patient to support the patient’s development.

In Module II, the thyroid gland and the nervous system will be given special focus concerning iatrogenic disease.

3. Integral psychoneuromotor training

Module II requires neuromotor training. Through this training, the basic function of your nervous system will be established in order for trauma therapy to work best. You may start this locally at your home, if available, or you may book a remote training with our associate, go here for more details.

4. Integral developmental trauma therapy

Trauma therapy starts with its first unit meant to promote the witness capacity and personal autonomy, which will take about 5 sessions that are included in Module II.


The Walsh Test is required at the beginning of Module II. Module two can’t be started without the Walsh Test. Please go here for possibilities to have this test done.


16 weeks. Follow-up appointments take place after 8 weeks.

Detailed information about Module III can be found on the next page.

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