Module III: Nervous System


The main focus in Module III is on the organic nervous system and secondarily on the immune system.


Changes in diet, dietary supplements

Nutrition in the previous modules continues to be adapted to the patient’s metabolic status. Nutritional supplements are also continued.

Exercise programme based on neurophysiological factors

After assessing the patient, I use the exercise programme according to neurophysiological factors for the development of the nervous system, supplemented by other aids which, in my experience, have proven themselves in the development of the nervous system.


Homeopathically, what is normally referred to as the “Brain Protocol” according to Guéniot, is used here.

Under certain circumstances it may also be possible to start the vaccination detox process here. Vaccination detox involves energetically supporting the body to process vaccinations, not detoxing antibodies.


Testing according to neurophysiological factors takes place in my practice by means of physical function tests.

Testing according to neurophysiological factors is very time-consuming, so in the future I will not be able to test every patient myself and so will be working together with colleagues. This is also convenient for patients coming from outside the hospital, who are able to carry out their exercise programme under the supervision of colleagues on site.

Test reruns:

Optional blood test to check individual parameters

Hair mineral analysis


24 weeks with follow-up appointment after 12 weeks.

In addition, regular check-ups are held after 8 weeks to monitor the general course of the treatment.

Important: The complete exercise programme in accordance with neurophysiological factors usually lasts 1.5-2 years in adults. There are follow-up appointments that take place approximately every 12 weeks. This means that this programme may be extended beyond the completion of Module V and is then monitored in individual appointments.

Details on Module IV can be found on the next page.

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