Module III: Pumping up cellular energy


Module III focuses on the first stage of the fixed Survival State, which will be disclosed after dysfunction and self-destruction have been disabled. We are now at the origin of what caused the arrested development and health problems: the lack of sufficient resources. These needs can now be satisfied without triggering dysfunction or self-destruction.

In this module, the nutritional therapy, the relief of epigenetic disorders through homeopathy by tackling iatrogenic disease, and nutritional supplements by tackling fixed epigenetic nutritional dependencies will be continued.

Furthermore, particular attention is paid to the mitochondrial system through advanced nutrient therapy which aims to remove the last obstacles to cellular energy production.

Furthermore, particular attention is paid to the detoxing of iatrogenic disease pertaining to the immune system.

Also, developmental trauma therapy is continued so that the patient may work on his unfulfilled symbiotic needs.


The following tools will be implemented in Module III:

1. Integral hormonal and metabolic balance

The Adrenal Balance Diet will be continued with Stage III of nutritional supplementation which has the purpose to remove obstacles in the sulfur metabolism and to further boost cellular metabolism. Sulfur is a key nutrient in the function of healthy energy production and from a certain perspective, the fixed Survival State can be seen as a compensation for obstructed sulfur metabolism.

2. Integral epigenetic balance

In parallel, homeopathic remedies are selected for the patient to support the patient’s development.

In Module III, the immune system will be given special focus concerning iatrogenic disease.

3. Integral psychoneuromotor training

In Module III, neuromotor training will have to be continued.

4. Integral developmental trauma therapy

Trauma therapy starts with its second unit meant to nourish symbiotic needs and to finally break emotional symbiosis with one’s mother, which will take about 5 sessions that are included in Module III. Depending on the case, additional sessions may be necessary at this stage.


The Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) will be required at the beginning of Module III, see here for details.


16 weeks. Follow-up appointments take place after 8 weeks.

You can find information about Module IV on the next page.

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Details on Module IV can be found on the next page.

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