Module IV: Finalizing self-regulation


Module IV focuses on the integration of all previous steps and emotional maturity that enables self-regulation.

In this module, nutritional therapy will likely be able to be modified into a more moderate form. Remaining issues of iatrogenic disease can be tackled.


The following tools will be implemented in Module IV:

1. Integral hormonal and metabolic balance

The Adrenal Balance Diet may be moderated giving patients greater flexibility in their nutrition. Stage IV of nutritional supplementation has the purpose to work on methylation problems, if needed.

2. Integral epigenetic balance

In parallel, homeopathic remedies are selected for the patient to support the patient’s development.

In Module IV, remaining issues with iatrogenic disease can be addressed. Also, individualized remedies will be selected to energetically support individualization and emotional development.

3. Integral psychoneuromotor training

In Module IV, neuromotor training will be continued. The neuromotor training program may have to be finished after Module IV has been completed, depending on how fast the patient has worked through the modules.

4. Integral developmental trauma therapy

Trauma therapy finishes with a module targeted at emotional maturity and emotional self-regulation, which will take about 5 sessions that are included in Module IV. Additional sessions may be necessary, depending on the case.


Either parts of the Walsh Test or another Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis may be repeated in Module IV, if needed.


16 weeks. Follow-up appointments take place after 8 weeks.

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