Module IV: Psyche


Module IV focuses on the psyche, especially the treatment of symbiotic trauma and bonding disorders.


Change in diet, dietary supplements

The change in diet is continued or modified according to the patient’s needs. Nutritional supplements are adapted following interim laboratory tests.


The detoxification therapy is often completed in this module, unless the vaccination detox is moved from module III to here.

The focus here is on homeopathic medicines that can support the patient energetically during trauma therapy.

CRM trauma therapy

The Comprehensive Resource Model is a trauma therapy that equips the clients with resources so that they can devote their healthy fractions to their split fractions through the defensive reactions.

CRM is not a talking or physical therapy. In a guided relaxation process, the patient is guided toward their feelings of pain and anxiety, which have so far been detached, and which then lose their sense of horror by reconnecting with their own self.

You can find more information on this at hier and at the CRM-Deutschland website.

Note: as trauma therapy after CRM is particularly time-consuming, I cannot accept every patient as a CRM client. Therefore I collaborate with my colleague


In an exploratory discussion, the client’s trauma situation is assessed according to CRM criteria, which can be reinforced by carrying out some CRM exercises.

Test reruns:

Optional blood test to check individual parameters

Hair mineral analysis

Interim testing for continuance of treatment in accordance with neurophysiological factors


16 weeks with weekly or two-weekly appointments. In addition, after 8 weeks regular check-ups will take place to monitor the general course of the treatment.

Detailed information on Module V can be found on the next page.

Image source: Minh Do, Iconfinder



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