Module Overview

Not a therapy-centric therapy

Integral Evolution is not a therapy-centric therapy. In the beginning, this is unusual for many patients because we live in a society that is highly symbiotically intertwined. However, the fact that Integral Evolution cannot be about the therapist is clear from the context.

Anyone who wants to achieve real autonomy must free themselves from all their dependencies and concentrating on the external world. It is not about the contact with the therapist, but about the contact with oneself . People often confuse contact with dependence and obsession. But real contact can only come about between two autonomous beings. If there is a blurring of personality boundaries, fusion and fixation may occur, but it is not contact. In this respect, the framework of therapy is a good training ground for learning autonomy.

The system

Each module has a focus, which of course does not mean that other control systems go away empty-handed. After all, all systems are networked with each other.

The sequence of the focuses in the modules is based on the order of human ontogenesis. This means that control systems that develop earlier are processed first, because these control systems form the foundation for control systems that develop later.

In this way, it is possible to achieve potentially positive effects on the subsequent control systems through what is called the “trickle down” effect.

The modules

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This is what the course of therapy in Integral Evolution looks like:

The first appointment is a non-binding conversation in which you get to know me and the therapy. After that you can also decide to continue in my practice for Natural Hormone Regulation.

In this first contact situation, I will take an overview for myself about your issue and your situation. This discussion lasting 60 minutes can also be done over the phone, as there are no concrete treatment recommendations given in the form of therapy plans etc.. You will receive these after the first time the medical history is taken at the beginning of Module I or at the first appointment in my practice for natural hormone regulation, once your tests have been analysed.

After the first appointment, recommendations for tests are also provided. The test results are then the basis for the treatment recommendations after the medical history is taken.

It is crucial however that the medical history is taken in person, as treatment recommendations are made based on this medical history and legislation demands that there is a mandatory personal contact between therapist and the patient.

Patients who have to travel long distances can also have their blood sample taken for the Walsh test on the day the first medical history is taken.

The purpose of the appointments is to monitor the course of therapy and not to make appointments for discussions or coaching. In doing so, we deliberately observe long intervals between the individual appointments. Thus the patient learns to centre himself or herself and to trust their inner guidance more and more. Extra appointments can of course be booked if problems arise during the course of treatment.

All 60 minute appointments can be conducted in person or by telephone/by zoom. 30 minute Appointments are always conducted over the telephone/via zoom.

It is only possible to personalise the Integral Evolution therapy with extensive follow-up. This amounts to an average of 2-2.5 hours after each appointment.

In this follow-up I conduct the requisite research and develop a treatment strategy that is adapted to you. I also devote a lot of time to creating complex homeopathic drainage plans.

My assistant Anika von Keiser assists me in preparing plans for dietary supplements, which she prepares according to my instructions and then discusses with you. Anika can also help patients to understand the plans.

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Below is an overview that describes the modules in more detail:

*Module I basically also covers a 16 week period. However, in my experience it takes a few days for the patient to get to grips with the documentation and order the necessary nutritional supplements and homeopathic remedies, so 2 weeks have been added here.

**Due to time constraints, I cannot treat all patients personally with trauma therapy and with regard to their early childhood reflexes. In some cases there may be some collaboration with my colleagues. Unfortunately, I cannot promise you at the beginning of the therapy that I will carry out these steps with you personally. During this time, I will of course continue to personally support you with recommendations on homeopathy and nutritional supplements.

***The blood sample for the Walsh Test is taken by my naturopathy colleague Ulrike Hilpert, who works with me in a joint practice. The costs of the Walsh Test, the hair mineral analysis and other laboratory tests are not included in the fees.

****It is not always possible for the treatment of the above-mentioned focal points to take place exclusively during the period of the module scheduled for this purpose. In this case, the therapy will be shifted to the following modules or to Module V. If there is still a need for therapy after that, appointments can be booked separately according to the patient’s needs.

*****Assessing early childhood reflexes and teaching an exercise programme demands that the patient be physically present. I am happy to cooperate with colleagues on patients externally, so that this step can also be carried out locally.

More detailed information on the content of the modules can be found on the following pages. Click here to go to the detailed description of module I.

Further information on the costs of the therapy can be found here.

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