Module V: Synthesis and Fine Tuning


In module V, we take care of everything that has been left behind. This can be, for example, the treatment of food intolerances or allergies, or things that are more of a cosmetic nature, such as residual hair loss or something similar.

Here, it can also be attempted to reduce the epigenetic needs for dietary supplements.


All the methods in the previous modules are continued here in line with the patient’s needs. The aim is to ensure that the patient finds a suitable long-term nutrition after completing the programme.

In some circumstances, the amount of dietary supplements may also be reduced. The details will depend on the individual circumstances, age and life circumstances of the patient. The patient is discharged from treatment with a dietary supplement maintenance plan..

Patients can now decide for themselves what they wish to retain in their life, because they should have a good feeling now for their own body.


There may be cases where supplementary tests can be used in Module V, such as

  • hormone salivary tests
  • tests on the bowel
  • tests in accordance with the rules of microimmunotherapy

Blood tests and hair mineral analysis are used again to review the treatment at the end, but can also be continued at longer intervals at the patient’s request once the module has been completed, in order to make approximate adjustments to the requirements for dietary supplements.


16 weeks. Afterwards, the patient can book individual appointments to work on individual issues. These can also be arranged further apart.

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Image source: Mdowdell, Wikipedia