Person / Vision


If I had to describe my life’s work, I would say: “Finding ways of unlocking human potential as quickly and comprehensively as possible”.

To me, human potential is much more than “just” bringing your talents into the world. It’s about really exhausting all of the possibilities that human existence can offer.

On my journey I have encountered many concepts that were too one-sided for me. It always came down to the fact that physicality, intellectual inspiration and spirituality are fundamentally mutually exclusive. By physicality I mean all that our material world has to offer – sensuality, joy, sexuality and beauty, and so on.

I simply do not want to have to choose between an intellectual, spiritual or a worldly path because that would mean that I would continue to promote the division of this world and my own. I just want all of it, and I know that it is possible because it is what I experience more and more. Enlightenment or an augmented sense of consciousness are essentially not enough for me.

Although every path towards development must remain a personal challenge in terms of its significance, I would have liked to have known earlier about the connections that I describe in Integral Evolution. For there is a difference between passing through suffering and getting lost in its meanders.


Born in1980 in Sweden

German-Brazilian in São Paulo, lived in Brazil until 1990.

Law studies and first state examination in 2006 at the University of Hamburg, followed by a Master’s thesis in 2007

Since 2006 intensive examination of constellation work and implementation of many constellations in individual and group settings

Working as a licensed naturopath since 2009 

Practice for natural hormone regulation in Hamburg

Training courses in classical and miasmatic (Gienow) homeopathy

Study of the theories of Nutritional Balancing

Development of my own methodology for cause-based treatment of the hormonal system called Meta Hormonix Pro

2017 Training as trauma therapist based on the Comprehensive Resource Model under Lisa Schwarz

2018 Further training at Walsh Institute and certification as first therapist for epigenetic disorders in Germany based on the Walsh Method

2019 Publication of my book “Wege aus der Hormonfalle“, describing my methodology for natural hormone regulation

2019 Certification as a therapist for Neonatal Reflexes (INPP Method)

2019 Start of the successful podcast “Hormonconnection Podcast

Since 2020, full-time teacher, writer, and independent researcher, while my long-time associate Ulrike Hilpert has taken over my former practice.