Physiology instead of Pathology

Focus on Physiology

Integral Evolution is a method that focuses on physiology and not pathology. From this perspective, an understanding of the workings of a healthy body and why it produces foreseeable pathophysiological symptoms under duress is necessary. In my view, all real pathology is man-made through iatrogenic diseases (drug diseases). Pathology is an expression of symptoms that do not make sense. Pathology is born out of induced chaos. Chemical drugs, among other things, confuse the body-mind unit and it may produce symptoms that are indeed chaotic, whereas all pathophysiological demonstrate our body’s wisdom in the face of challenge.

Those are the tools that we need to first return the body into its physiological state (rebooting), that will then automatically trigger missing developmental stages:

Radical Responsibility for Oneself

The first step on your way to Integral Evolution is to take up radical responsibility for your own life. That also means that you don’t make yourself a victim of the circumstances you have been born into or that you have brought over yourself. It is important to see any adverse circumstance as an opportunity for learning. It is my experience that owning an experience allows for learning. Learning does away with the necessity of the reality of the experience. Then suffering stops.

It is important to acknowledge that unwanted symptoms on a physical and emotional level are never random or fated, but a demonstration that our body and our reality are trying to communicate with us.

You will have to look the truth about your own life square in the face. As long as something in our lives is not going the way we want it, the narrative we are telling ourselves about it will not be congruent with the truth. The actual truth about oneself, one’s family, relationships, and reality itself is usually hidden under many layers of distortions that we have been entrained to believe by others and ourselves.

Integral Evolution is only possible once you are prepared to unpack and analyze all aspects of your life. Very often, changes in lifestyle need to follow suit, like the cessation of toxic habits, toxic relationships, or toxic professions.

No Quickfix

Integral Evolution is neither a quick, nor a magic solution, but a very thorough system to build and rebuild a healthy and functional body-mind unit. Integral Evolution is often a painful process. It requires diligence, discipline, and patience. And above all, Integral Evolution is something you will need to do on your own. While a clever person will learn to delegate many things, one’s own evolution is one of the few things that will always be a strictly personal business. The commitment to oneself needed on this path equals the idea of “initiations” of old. Initiations are a statement of autonomy and responsibility at their core, a confirmation that one is out to earn one’s own merits without the protection of one’s tribe. Initiation always starts with the confrontation of our biggest enemy: ourselves.

Therefore, the Integral Evolution facilitator can only advise and hold space – no more.

Therapy vs. Treatment

One should keep in mind that there is a difference between therapy and passive treatment. In therapy, the therapist holds space for the client to actively work through his issues. In a passive treatment, the client gets something from the therapist (a massage, energy, emotional support). Treatments can be helpful and they do often feel good. But they never substitute for active therapy.

Real therapy is not restricted to therapy sessions. In fact, sessions are needed for the exchange of information mostly. Actual therapy takes place in-between sessions, through the confrontation with one’s life. Therefore, therapy sessions should only ever be considered as self-help tools.

Real Power is the one we wield over Ourselves

Newest findings of epigenetics demonstrate that our genes do not determine our fate. We are what we make of ourselves. I agree with the neurobiologist Candace Pert that the state of our bodies corresponds with our subconscious mind. 1see her presentation Your Body Is Your Subconscious Mind

Nothing produces more distortions and suffering than looking for power outside of ourselves. We need to stop taking from others what we think is ours and we need to stop manipulating others into giving us what we want and need. Because so far, the world operates on these two principles. It is always about power over others. Broken down, this mechanism equals the theft of energy, while the thief deludes himself that he is entitled to receive energy without giving some in return. It doesn’t matter if we are talking money, personal attention, or any other resource. Parasitism contradicts mutual relationship. Fixed hierarchies contradict cooperation. The quest to control others is a deadpan sign of emotional immaturity and lack of self-regulation. It is horrifying to realize that existing authoritarian power structures and all auxiliary phenomena that are needed to enforce power are actually a sign of defeat and helplessness of the ones being dominated as well as the ones dominating. Lack of self-empowerment betrays frustrated basic needs at a very early age when dependency on others is a biological imperative. Growing up on all levels will always be the only way out.

Health is a collateral of Integral Evolution

Integral Evolution is the formation of one coherent self. That also means that there is no path to development and another path to health. Both will have to be one and the same. There is no mystery about the origins of disease. It is the human refusal to evolve that creates and upholds it. That is even true if we are talking about nutritional deficiencies. Our soils are depleted and corroded because of human near-sightedness. We chose technologies that are not compatible with nature.

True evolution and health require us to listen to the laws of nature.

Realistic Tools for the Development of Self

Longing and hope for a better life usually play a catalyzing part in change. Our collective and individual subconscious seems to reveal what we all long for: a fulfilled life, meeting personal goals, a supportive social environment, and true romantic love. These hopes and dreams are often portrayed in myths, tales, books, and movies, but often in a stereotypically transfigured or cliché way. Therefore, happiness there either comes magically or through the grace of destiny. And conveniently, only the beginning of relationships or endeavors are shown, rarely what it takes to uphold success.

But there are no shortcuts. We either go through the steps of evolution or we experience no real change for the better. Self-regulation on an emotional level is the absolute minimum requirement for true personal and spiritual development to start. We all should have gotten there at our 21st year of age. Due to adverse circumstances, however, most people are lagging behind in maturity.

An evolutionary system and a healing modality that are out for success need to consider that fact and devise practical tools that can trigger missing developmental stages long after they should have been completed on an ideal schedule.

Body, Mind, and Soul need to become a Unit

Most wholistic approaches assume that body, mind, and soul already function as an operational unit. That is not true in my experience. Body, mind, and soul need to become a functional unit.

The good news is that it is never too late for integration, that is the beauty of nature.

Practical Consequences for a physiological Therapy

The following steps need to be part of an Integral Evolution:

Ability to harvest organic Energy

Without energy, there is no growth or repair. Without nutrients, there is no physical energy. Therefore, it becomes a top priority to restore the body’s ability to harvest energy. The proper nutrition as well as nutritional supplements suitable for the individual will take care of that.


Many people have inherited nutritional deficiencies that have been magnified through the generations. The Walsh test can track these epigenetic nutritional deficiencies in order for proper supplementation to be devised.

Drug Diseases

Any past intake of chemical drugs, hormones, recreational drugs as well as environmental toxins may have disrupted the body’s ability to self-regulate, which is why they need to be detoxed.

Nervous System

The integration of persisting neonatal reflexes will allow the nervous system to mature. The treatment consists of specific movements that are practiced daily.


The emotional plane matures mostly through the therapy of trauma, especially disruptions of attachment and symbiotic disturbances. It is paramount for the client to be able to act from his adult and healthy executive persona (partial self), instead of just playing out his or her defense reactions in order to protect his dissociated ego states until the integrated self emerges.2see Ruppert, Symbiose und Autonomie, 2017, S.78

In order to be able to take charge of one’s own trauma process, a person will have to have reached a certain level of autonomy already (partial self). Otherwise, he or she will not be able to hold upcoming emotions or somatic reactions appropriately and constructively. Especially upcoming physical pain is a sign of long-suppressed emotions.

I agree with psychologist Bessel van der Kolk who laments that many people subconsciously choose to continue visiting doctors and to treat symptoms rather than doing the necessary emotional work to confront their demons of the past.3Kolk, Bessel van der. The Body Keeps the Score: Mind, Brain and Body in the Transformation of Trauma, Kindle-Position 1755

Any therapy that works will bring up suppressed emotions. In the beginning, many people deem these emotions negative, because they will mostly consist of fear, pain, and insecurity. Often, they expect consolation or pastoral care. It is not the place of the therapist to assuage these emotions or nurture the client. Part of growing up emotionally is to process upcoming emotions oneself. This is no heart-heartedness on the part of the therapist, but true compassion. Evolution can’t take place if people are allowed to dump their anxiety on the therapist. What is needed on the part of the person going through the pain is compassion for oneself.

A therapy according to the principles of Integral Evolution is complex and consists of many building blocks. People who have a week structure of self (generally called weak ego structure) will probably be overwhelmed by it. More on that here.

If you are interested in our therapy concept, please carefully consider what will be expected of you, and if you are able and willing to commit to these expectations.


Find out more about the practical process here.

None of the information on this website are medical advice. This information is based on my personal experience and opinion and does not always correspond with the official scientific point of view. Therefore, no promises to attain health can be extracted from the contents of this page. Never postpone any medical or psychological treatment because of the contents of this page. Always look for medical or psychological advice if you suffer from any kind of health condition or psychological condition. 

Picture credit: Fanny Chambers Gooch Iglehart, Wikipedia

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