In the following you will find information on the procedure of Integral Evolution therapy. Please read the following points carefully if you are interested in this therapy. It differs in many respects from treatments with my colleagues. From my point of view, however, collaboration only makes sense if you are acquainted with the process of the therapy and agree with the conditions of the therapy.


My practice for integral evolution is not a lifestyle nor a wellness practice. Neither do I do naturopathic doping for people who are hoping for some kind of magical remedy from naturopathy in order to be able to continue to live their particular lifestyle without any undesirable consequences. This therapy method is only suitable for people who seriously want to take full responsibility for their lives and are looking for a ‘midwife’ for the birth of their individual personality. means that therapy after Integral Evolution is not personality coaching either.

This therapy is aimed at people who not only feel attracted by the concepts introduced, but who are also prepared to do what it takes to do justice to their own physiology. These are people who have learned that it is only possible to accept the conditions of their physiology , but not to negotiate with it or override it, unless you want to reap negative consequences, and in the worst case, illness.

The modules give the treatment a structure. You know right from the start what to expect and what will be treated when. The way this happens is, of course, highly individual.

The modules’ structure is designed to be a highly-organised , optimised and compressed use of the treatment period to achieve maximum effectiveness in the treatment of developmental blockages.

For me, the most important aspect of Integral Evolution as a therapist is post-processing. While the appointments are used for exchanging information, consultation and checking the outcome of treatment, my actual work takes place after the patient’s appointment. 

Each patient appointment regularly involves a follow-up of at least 2-2.5 hours . In the follow-up work, the case is dealt with in a comprehensive way, with plans for dietary supplements and homeopathy being worked out and, above all, the coordination of all prescriptions. This applies to the planned appointments within the module system, as well as for any additional appointments that may be necessary. Otherwise individual therapy is not possible. 

The actual therapy will then take place between appointments in yournbsphome by applying the recommended treatment. The therapies I offer can serve as a guide to your development. You must take the journey yourself.

Appointments outside of the module structure are not planned for at the start. Adequate gaps between appointments are important in order for the therapy concept to be effective. Unscheduled appointments are only made if unforeseen events or problems occur.. 

My conditions for a mutual partnership

Initial medical history

The first appointment is always the start of integral evolution . You are not bound by it. After the initial medical history, you can then decide whether you want to go through the Integral Evolution programme using the modules or whether you prefer to receive treatment at your own pace in the Practice for Hormonal Balance.

If you are not persuaded by any of my service, you can in any case take home an analysis of your situation ,nbspeine from my experience-based assessment of the condition of your systems of regulation and my general recommendations.

Start of treatment

However, treatment only starts after the first appointment. You will receive concrete recommendations in terms of treatment plans for homeopathy and nutritional supplementation after the first appointment not. These are then followed by the start of the therapy, either in module I or in practice for natural hormone regulation.

There’s a reason for this approach. Well-founded treatment plans consist of a combination of medical history and test results. Tests are ordered according to the patient’s needs, in conjunction with the first appointment, and are then available at the first treatment appointment, when taking the medical history.. 

Binding commitment

You are obligated to book /strong> each module for the duration of the modules . This means that the fee is due regardless of whether you complete the module or not.

In this way I ensure that the large amount of work and the time spent to prepare therapy plans for each individual patient is only invested in highly motivated patients.

As soon as you book a module, the timetable is generally binding. The dates for check-ups are booked at intervals of 8 weeks (at least in the first modules). During this time you should be ready to fully carry out the measures in the module (e.g. change of diet, see module I). If this does not suit you, then arrange the module in such a way that you can commit yourself. Plan your holidays, public holidays and hospital stays when booking. 

Of course, you can reschedule the check-ups by a few days due to illness, etc. In principle, however, the procedure should be adhered to. In the first two modules it is really important to carry out the measures in a condensed manner.  

Of course you are under no obligation to book the subsequent modules. 

Modules can only be booked in the order specified .nbsp

The modules do not need to be booked immediately one after the other. There can be a time gap between them /strong>.

However, if you would like to complete the next modules as well, you should continue the therapy in the form of the recommended diet and dietary supplement in the form of basic therapy.

Obligatory testing and therapeutic methods

As soon as a module is booked, the respective tests anddnbsptypes of therapy are mandatory. The method of application of the type of therapy will of course be adapted to the specific requirements of your case. Assessing the scope of therapy and testing, my experience as a therapist is the deciding factor, not the patient’s preferences.

It is also not possible to be treated “only” with food supplements without using homeopathy or vice versa. 

Cooperation with colleagues

If you are still being treated by other therapists, you should discuss this with me at the first appointment. It is not possible to continue treatment by colleagues in parallel who recommend dietary supplements or work homeopathically. On the other hand, accompanying treatment with osteopathy or a colonic irrigation therapy can be very useful. 


I am always your point of contact for strategic decisions about your treatment and for discussing test results. I am assisted by my colleague and assistant Anika von Keiser in practical reviewing your diet, dietary supplements and homeopathy. She also compiles your dietary supplement plans under my instructions. I have trained Anika over many years and introduced her to my method. 

Mr. Malte Obal assists me with booking appointments and bookkeeping. 

Support between appointments

Booking the modules includes no free support in between them.

In the post-processing session of the appointments with Anika von Keiser, you have time to ask questions about understanding. If you have any further questions, please book a special paid appointment with Anika von Keiser. 

If you experience any disorders or problems during treatment, please book an additional appointment with me. Because of my duty of care, I decline to discuss any health problems by e-mail. If there are problems, I have to learn more about the background within a discussion setting. 

Personal introduction in Hamburg

In order to carry out the therapy according to Integral Evolution, you must imperatively commit to coming at least once in person to my practice. Here I am following obligatory legal regulations. Exceptions can be made to this rule upon request. nicht

But you must come in person for the Walsh blood test and urine test in person, as my practice is currently the only one that performs the procedure according to the strict pre-clinical rules of Dr. Walsh’s laboratory in the USA.. 

If you do not live in Hamburg /strong>, it is advisable to make the first appointment by Zoom or telephone. Legally, this is possible because no immediate treatment recommendations can be made. You can and must introduce yourself personally at the beginning of Module I in Hamburg and then also schedule the blood sample. Since the blood results that are crucial for the start of the therapy are available after just a few days, your treatment can be started very quickly.

Modules I and II can then be carried out via Zoom or phone. For module III you may have to come back personally, see there. 

Conventional medicine

Basically, pharmaceutical medication, drugs and hormones too work against the self-regulation of the body , because they involve an external intervention. From the point of view of integral evolution, these substances can therefore also represent blockages to development and healing.

Accordingly, medication should only be resorted to only in the event of seriously- anticipated injury to health or life. Hormones should only be taken if the complaints are not purely functional (e.g. missing thyroid gland). There should be a readiness to prioritise naturopathic methods to treat symptoms before resorting to conventional medicine. The programme is designed to help people to stop taking medication and hormones wherever possible.

Specificities of regulation therapy

Therapeutic crises and retracing

In any regulation therapy there can be therapeutic crises and reccurrences of old symptoms (also called retracing).

The increase in energy makes the body, nervous system, immune system and emotions more reactive. The patient does not always find this pleasant, but from the point of view of evolution the reaction to the increase in energy is negligible. Energy is the only thing that advances the system, but not the (apparent) absence of symptoms caused by a lack of reaction.

The onset of therapeutic crises and old symptoms does not mean that the therapy is moving in the wrong direction.


The excretory organs can also be temporarily stressed by detoxication, which often results in discomfort, an increased need for sleep, headaches, diarrhoea, skin problems and psychological collapse. Experiencing an infection is also typical. 

Dealing with therapeutic crises, retracing and detoxification in therapy 

Temporary discomfort should be considered as growing pains as part of personal development and as taking  intermediate steps towards better health. 

Often the symptoms mentioned above regulate themselves, but in some cases symptomatic they require treatment, so a intermediate appointment should be booked.

The use of orthodox medical products should only take place in an emergency, so you may have to do without tried and tested “little helpers” such as ibuprofen, zinc ointments, acid inhibitors and anthihistamines, as these impair the course of treatment from my point of view and lead to symptom shifts, which cover up the true causes of the symptoms. 

You should always inform me in your appointments if you have taken these medications in an emergency

My many years of experience mean that I am able to avert a number of healing crises from the outset /strong> or alleviate them by offering the body sufficient relief measures and above all by not increasing the energy of the mitochondria too quickly. 

Nevertheless, regulation processes cannot always be controlled . Here the body has its own intelligence. The notion of the patient and the therapist have no role to play from this perspective.

Regulation   should therefore be thought of as a way of   going back to where the system was out of balance at the time, and then fixing it.

What you should be prepared for in other respects:

  1. Nutritional change : The adrenal treatment I have designed is a form of particularly nutrient-rich “clean eating”. You should refrain from sugar, gluten, milk and milk products, food additives, etc. as well as all stimulants such as alcohol. A balanced ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates is maintained. In many cases, all or some parts of this diet are maintained throughout the therapy if your health justifies it. 
  2. Dietary supplements: You should be prepared to take a substantial quantity of dietary supplements daily throughout the course of therapy. The monthly costs are up to €100-150 (depending on your case).. 
  3. Homeopathy: I work with complex homeopathic drug plans. You should be prepared to take homeopathic medication up to four times a day. Plans run for eight weeks. Depending on the number of preparations, the costs are between 70 and 100 euros. 
  4. Personal study: I provide you with complex treatment plans that combine nutrition, nutritional supplements and homeopathy, among other things. I expect you to deal with the information and documents provided by mein depth and thoroughly. It will not be possible in the course of the treatment to go through all this information with you. You should study the documents in detail beforehand, then ask your questions in the appointments. 
  5. Develop confidence in your own body: I will provide you with detailed information on the course of treatment. You have to decide for yourself. Even violent healing reactions are seldom really harmful to your health. What comes up usually goes away again. If you do not fixate on the reaction, it will be gone more quickly. 
  6. The patient is solely responsible for carrying out the therapy at all times, but must deal with the consequences independently if recommendations are not heeded. No permission should be sought or negotiated, otherwise no development is possible. 

In case you haven’t read it yet: at ” new here” I recapitulate who I don’t treat in my practice. 

In addition to the fees, the course of the therapy is also part of the General Terms and Conditions. The patient contract also refers to these. I ask you to sign these before the start of treatment. On one hand I am obligated to do so because of data protection regulations, because every word that falls within the therapeutic framework is confidential and therefore particularly worth protecting in terms of data protection.

But also in terms of having clear agreements, it is important to me that you and I are on the same wavelength in terms of your treatment. This also applies to general conditions such as fees, schedules, etc.

If you are only interested in parts of the therapeutic concept, you can also visit my Practice for natural Hormone regulation and you will be assisted there by colleagues whom I have personally trained. In both cases the first appointment will be carried out by myself, so that you can make your decision after the first appointment.

Otherwise, here you will find an overview of the therapy modules.

Bitte beachten Sie, dass die hier vorgestellte Methode an manchen Stellen ausdrücklich von der anerkannten schulmedizinischen Meinung abweicht. Sie erhebt keinen Anspruch wissenschaftlicher Richtigkeit und entspringt meinen persönlichen Forschungen, Beobachtungen und Überzeugungen. Mehr zu meiner Auffasung von Wissenschaftlichkeit finden Sie hier

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