The patient must submit the questionnaires with their medical history to the practice before the anamnesis appointment (2 working days before the appointment). The questionnaires are evaluated by us before the appointment. Without these questionnaires, which contain the patient’s medical history, the session cannot take place, because we cannot prepare ourselves adequately. In case of non-compliance, the patient will be charged a default fee of 100% of the cost of the session.


During the anamnesis, the therapeutic consequences arising from the questionnaires and the test results are discussed with the patient. We must see you in person at least one time. This requirement, however, is already fulfilled at the time of the blood collection. Accordingly, the anamnesis can take place in person or can be conducted remotely if you are from outside the area. Follow-up appointments can also take place remotely. The anamnesis can be booked approx. 2 weeks after the blood test, as that is when we will already have the first results. The anamnesis takes 60 minutes.

Further preparation

Then, the follow-up work by the practice team takes place. This amounts to 30-120 minutes per appointment and per patient, depending on how many therapy components the patient has chosen.

Start of the therapy

After the anamnesis, the patient receives a therapy plan with recommendations for diet change, dietary supplementation and possibly homeopathy, as soon as your test results are available.

The patient must study these documents extensively and begin the treatment. If there are any questions, they can be addressed once to the team assistant, Anika von Keiser.

Control appointments

During the control appointments, the success of the therapy is checked. If necessary, the therapy plans for the patient are adapted to the circumstances of the case.

The patient must commit to making a strict diet change for at least 8 weeks. After that, the dietary recommendations may be relaxed, or not.

Individual plans for diet, supplementation and homeopathy are usually designed for 8 weeks. If the patient wants to get through their treatment quickly, control appointments every 8 weeks are recommended. If the patient wants to carry out the therapy at their own pace, they will make an appointment when they have implemented the recommended measures or if they have difficulties in implementing them. Thus, the patient can take a break or take more time for the recommended measures.

Further testing sometimes takes place at 8 week intervals, or in other cases after 4 or 6 months.

Please plan and book your control appointments in good time, because at our practice there might be waiting times of up to 4 weeks for regular appointments.

Control appointments usually last 30 minutes.

Short appointments for acute health issues

If any acute health issues are encountered during the therapy, there is the possibility to have them homeopathically treated. Book the appointment before 18:00 on the previous day. Appointments always take place at 8 o’clock in the morning. Only one acute patient can be accepted daily. The discussion lasts for 15 minutes. During this time, the acute symptomatology of the patient is analyzed. Other findings, the clarification of general questions, etc. cannot be discussed during this time. This appointment is reserved exclusively for patients who wish to undergo an acute homeopathic treatment. The short appointment is followed by a 45-minute follow-up work. At this time, your acute homeopathic medication is determined and integrated into your current treatment plan (read more about this here).

Please note that acute illnesses are not to be confused with emergencies, even if these may have very unpleasant effects. Emergencies are defined as conditions in which there is reason to fear serious and immediate damage to one’s life or health. Emergencies must be treated at a hospital, and we are therefore unable to treat them. We expect you to wait for the next available appointment in case of acute illnesses, when we will be happy to take care of your request.

Trauma therapy

You have the possibility to be assisted therapeutically by our team in coping with fears, uncertainties and traumas. Eva Scheller offers a module that combines mindfulness training with dream-sensitive therapy, which can be booked as preparation for later trauma therapy. Later, you can also undergo trauma therapy with her. Eva Scheller offers personal appointments at her practice in Hamburg, as well as telephone appointments via Zoom.

No unlimited free support between appointments

For a number of reasons, we are unable to offer further free support between appointments. While you have the possibility to ask questions for a better understanding regarding the plans we offered you as a matter of course, we never give treatment advice via e-mail, but only after the prior arrangement of a telephone or personal appointment. Furthermore, we limit these requests to once after each occasion on which we convey information and plans to you.

These restrictions are enacted for the following reasons:

  1. We reply to e-mails occasionally, not outside our working schedule. Between the appointments we are busy with the follow-up work for the appointments. If we reply to further unscheduled e-mails or accept telephone calls during our working schedule, we can no longer adequately care for the patients for whom we have scheduled time.
  2. Treatment should always take place by means of a personal conversation, because even apparently short questions always lead to background considerations, which are important for the correct understanding of the facts.
  3. Most questions are already answered in the documents we provide you. In these documents, we also describe how to proceed if something is not tolerated. If you still have doubts, you should make an appointment with us.
  4. Every appointment will always result in follow-up work. If we accept unplanned requests in-between appointments, the patients for whom we have scheduled time on that day will not get equal attention.



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