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For most people, Integral Evolution is a change of paradigm. Therefore, I want to help you understand it on a practical level and demonstrate how relevant Integral Evolution might be for your life, in terms of physical, psychological, and spiritual health.

I designed the following quiz to help you grow into this new paradigm. If you are not the quiz type, you can also read the same content as ebook that I called “Secrets of Integral Medicine”. You can get this free ebook by signing up for my newsletter in the sidebar. If you take the quiz, you will have the opportunity to download the ebook at the end of the quiz discussion.

The quiz is divided into four parts that are meant to help you educate yourself about the following:

  1. Your energy metabolism
  2. The maturity of your organic nervous system
  3. Your emotional maturity
  4. The likability that iatrogenic diseases may be blocking your evolution

The quizzes are not to be confused with a diagnosis. They are meant for informational purposes only.

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