Treatment Costs

Overview of services and fees

Please find an overview of our services and fees in the chart below. Under the chart, you will find a more detailed explanation of our services.

Details about our services and fees

Lab Costs, nutritional supplements and naturopathic medication (homeopathy) are not included in our fees.

Hourly fee:

110 €* per hour for naturopathic services, regardless of whether we spend this time in conversation with the patient or with prep-work or after-work. 

What is included in the modules

Module I contains:

1 hour of intake, 30 min. follow-up after 8 weeks. All prep-work and after-work are included (total of 7 hours, duration 18 weeks).

The patient will receive the Adrenal Balance Diet, instructions for relief measures, a personal supplement plan for the first 8 weeks and another one for the second 8 weeks. The same applies to homeopathic treatment plans.

Module II-IV contain:

The same as Module I plus 5 sessions of trauma therapy (90 min, total of 14.5 hours, duration 16 weeks). Trauma therapy comes with individualized silent affirmations and bilateral music. Trauma therapy is mandatory from Module II onward.

Prep-work and after-work

We can only provide individual services if we include after-work starting at half an hour through to two hours. Our prep-work will take up to half an hour. We will bill this time outside patient conversations at a fixed fee and not individually.

Prep- or after-work means:

Review of questionnaires and lab work, documentation, individual research, compilation of treatment plans for nutritional supplements, adjustment treatment plans, homeopathic repertorization (acute and chronic), conversations with labs and the organization of complex information for easy understanding from the patient’s perspective

But also:

Preparation of specimens before and after blood withdrawal, Purchase of dry ice and packaging, Coordination of highly perishable specimens and their shipment to special labs abroad.

Notice that we often spend more time with prep-work or after-work than in the conversation with the patient because the customization of the treatment happens outside of our conversation with the patient. We only gather information and explain the therapy in the conversation. 

Note on acute appointments

Acute appointments are not emergency calls, since health practitioners are not allowed to attend emergencies. Emergencies are defined as situations that require immediate attention to prevent serious and imminent dangers to your health or threats to your life. Acute appointments are there to make sure that you get a timely appointment to get treatment advice about acute complaints such as colds, hay fever, cramps, surgery after-care, accidents. We will not evaluate or adjust your regular treatment plan outside of the context of the acute ailment. It is an additional appointment in which we will give you homeopathic advice mostly. We will make an effort to provide this appointment short notice. We will only be able to do so if we exclusively concentrate on the acute problems and not on your regular supplementation etc. Your regular appointments require more after-work, which is why we need to schedule them properly.

Should you need adjustments to your regular treatment plans or should you generally be concerned about your treatment because you are having trouble with your supplements etc., please book a regular follow-up appointment. We will probably not be able to provide you with regular follow-up appointments on short notice, however.

Explanatory appointments

Explanatory appointments are always extra appointments that refer to a treatment plan that already exists. These appointments are a chance for you to discuss doubts or to get general advice (about a surgery, complementary treatment with colleagues, lifestyle advice). Should we have to do after-work for these appointments, they will be converted into regular follow-up appointments and be billed accordingly.

No health care insurance accepted

We do not accept health insurance. We do not bill our services according to the requirements of health care insurances. 

No free or 24-hour support

Please understand that we will only give treatment advice after personal conversations within the frame of a booked appointment.

Of course, you will be able to clarify doubts concerning your treatment plans, but for liability and practical reasons, we will not answer these questions through e-mail alone or by spontaneous phone calls.

Those are the reasons:

  • We wouldn’t be able to manage the flood of additional daily e-mails.
  • Even seemingly short questions will always lead to more questions and thoughts on our part. We will need to clarify with you, also to fulfill our duty of due diligence. Regardless of legal reasons, the treatment will suffer, if we don’t get a clear picture of what is going on with the patient.
  • Most of the questions asked can be clarified by reading the documents received during treatment. In these documents, you will also learn what to do immediately when things don’t go the way they should.
  • Many questions asked will require after-work. We need to schedule after-work carefully, otherwise, patients actually scheduled for the day will be in a disadvantage and miss out on their deserved diligence.

Appointments may be scheduled during our regular working hours, see Appointments/Contact

Payment upon booking

All fees are due upon booking. Fees should be transferred in Euros through bank transfer or Paypal. 

Cancellation fee

We do allow for a cancellation fee of 100% in a few cases.

A cancellation fee applies if:

  • appointments are cancelled short notice within 48 hours before the appointment begins. The reason for the cancellation is inconsequential (illness, illness of your children, no babysitter, traffic jam, vacation, business trip, plane late etc.).
  • Appointments are finished before its scheduled end on the patient’s behalf. The reason for the cancellation is inconsequential.
  • Appointments can’t take place because the patient failed to return his questionnaires for the intake. There is no use in having the intake without complete information.
  • Appointments can’t take place because the patient failed to provide test results that need to be ordered by the patient independently from our practice. It is the patient’s responsibility to postpone appointments within the 48 notice should become clear that test results will not be available at the time of the appointment.

Lateness on part of the patient will be discounted from the allotted time. Appointments will not be extended to compensate for lost time. We try not to let patients wait. Please extend the same courtesy to us.

Should we cancel an appointment short notice, be it no shows or double book, you will get your make-up session for free.

Please find more information about our terms and conditions here.

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